Hot Young Priest


The Band

Mary Byrne - guitars, vocals
Chris Jansen - drums
Daniel Winn - bass


At its surface, Atlanta's Hot Young Priest is infectious. The tightly-wound trio sonically embodies a constant struggle of give-and-take, where a stark melodious arrangement often erupts into snarling chaos at a moment's notice. The din is topped by Mary Byrne's vocals, which also run the gamut from childlike naivety to haggard cynicism. Comparisons to Carol van Dijk (of Bettie Serveert) or early P.J. Harvey are inevitable, though the band's visceral sound stands on its own merits.

Peel the songs back a few layers, and the astute listener will discover a trove of poignant and provocative stories. Byrne as a writer draws inspiration from characters acting out of passion and desperation, driven to extremes and acting out of madness to preserve some level of dignity; tales often recalled from the deep recesses of childhood, without knowing if the characters are real or merely folklore. All of this is at play in the band's new record, the dynamic Fiendish Freaky Love.

Fiendish Freaky Love was recorded at The Living Room in Atlanta by Ed Rawls and Justin McNeight (both of Good Friday Experiment), with an additional track ("A Chase Over Mountaintops") recorded by Ben Holst (of Love Tractor) at Chase Park Transduction in Athens. Guest musicians include Mark Rogers, Spencer Pope, and McNeight.

Following the demise of her previous project, the underrated Shamgod, Byrne picked up the pieces and quickly formed Hot Young Priest in early 2004 by enlisting Chris Jansen (ex-Myssouri) and Daniel Winn (ex-Crybaby). The band quickly developed a reputation as one of Atlanta's most engaging live acts and rounded out its reputation with the release of the EP Burning Hot and Free, which was similarly met with glowing accolades.


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Audio Samples

These Days - Fiendish Freaky Love
You Belong to the Casinos - Fiendish Freaky Love


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Oct 7 - First Existentialist Congregation of Atlanta; Atlanta, GA